Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 7 & 8 =done!

Hi friends. Seems as if I'm having a hard time writing these things lately due to lack of time and energy to do so. Just like the last post, things are so busy for me. Working a lot, crossfit, bible study, fundraising for SKAD, etc etc. Whew. So, I just finished my first WOD of week 9 and it was a soul crusher, but I finished. 6 rounds of 200 meter runs and 25 burpee's. My two least favorite things and I did not think I would be able to finish it, but, while praying myself through the entire thing, I completed in a bit under 22 minutes. Hooray for me.
Let's recap the past two weeks. Week 7, I went my four days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.) Pushed through even while feeling exhausted. It's so awesome having an amazing team of people pushing you through even when you feel like you can't go any further.
Week 8, I made it to Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday's WOD and missed out on Friday's. Felt kind of bad, but when duty calls, you've got to answer.
Last week Amy had me write down my eating for a three day period and I did it during the weekend and it was terrible. Not bad eating, but just not eating enough.. It's really funny to me hearing that I'm not eating enough, because I'm struggling with the mindset of not wanting to overeat. I have this mentality of 'oh I can't eat that' because I associate certain foods with being overweight and it's a huge struggle for me right now. So keep me in your prayers. I haven't had too much of an appetite, so I'll eat a protein bar for a meal or a little bit of jerky. I know I know, not good. I'm just in a battle of the mind and having the Lord work me through it. Thus, I'm being open with all of you guys, so you can hold me accountable. Ask me how my eating is the next time you see me.
Eating disorders are such a sad thing. Who would think food could be such an issue for so many people? I've had conversations with multiple people, who you wouldn't even think struggle with it and they are have huge issues with it. Friends, I am SO thankful I did not have weight loss surgery. God is literally pushing me through this issue with my weight through these work outs. I feel super burdened for people who do go the extra mile to have this surgery and don't even change their eating habits. That makes me so sad. Don't you want to be free from the bondage of food? That is a little side note from a person I came in contact with last week. Saying 'Oh I can't eat that because it won't go down because of my surgery. But give me my Venti frappucino.' Look, I never want to seem like I'm bad mouthing anyone, because I get it, some habits are hard to break... But c'mon! You can do it! I feel more burdened than anything.
I'm enjoying Crossfit so much and I cannot believe I'm still doing it. This is a HUGE accomplishment for me and I give God the glory for it. He has put the right team of people in my path to help motivate me and He has been giving me the strength to do it. There are days that I have a heavy heart and feel the tears coming on when I don't think I'll be able to complete a WOD and the insecurities try to creep in, but I've noticed if I just keep on moving, 9 times out of 10, I am completely capable of finishing my work out. I'm learning that it is a mental battle and I have to keep on pressing forward.
So that is it, for now at least. I'll try to post more about the WODs and how I've been doing. My weight is down to 270 now and it doesn't seem as if I've lost much in numbers, but the measurements are proof that my body is taking new form. I cannot believe it! I am so thankful that God is giving me this transformation through Crossfit. I think this is the greatest work out plan ever and I urge everyone to try it out! I love Crossfit Tyler and Amy & Brad Chesley and everyone else that cheers me on. You guys are seriously the best!

This is after Thursday of week 8 with my friends Nicole and Janna. 
Two amazing women who encourage me every day. I am forever thankful for them.

Went to a music & art festival this past weekend to set up a table for SKAD.
Can't believe I can fit into that skirt. It's my favorite. Eventually I'll have to let it go because the weight just keeps on coming off. Praise the Lord!
I swore to myself I'd never show anyone this picture on the left because of how bloated I look. I would wear this dress and keep the top unbuttoned because it didn't fit. If you see the belt difference and now I can button it completely. In fact, the photo on the right is from a few weeks ago, so it's already getting loose on me. I'm thankful to have these to share with you. 

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