Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week 9 & 10 and partial 11.

Hi friends. It's been a week since I was supposed to post last, but I've been insanely busy, but what's new, right? So my week 9 was awesome, but week 10, not so much. Week 10, I only went two days and I felt defeated because I slacked a bit, but I just could not find the energy to drag myself there and I was so busy. You know, lack of sleep, not functioning to my full potential sort of stuff. SKAD had a fundraiser that week too, so I was doing some preparation for that as well. I must say though, I went to a graduation party and danced all night last Saturday, so I got some good cardio in! ha. This week, I've started off great and have had my butt handed to me both days. Went to my Monday-Tuesday and I'm getting ready to go in an hour with my friend Keturah and I'm pumped, minus the fact that it's a jump-roping WOD and I still don't enjoy that. Anything is better than running though, which I did a lot of on Tuesday.
This journey has been so hard, yet so rewarding. I find myself nervous every time I drive up to the box. I've been having tingling toes and some numbness in different areas  and it has brought some fear back into my heart, but I'm trying to just push through it. I don't know if it's my circulation that is poor or if my body just isn't used to all this activeness. Hopefully it'll all go away soon because I'm ready to push past the nervousness of things. Once I finish my work outs I am always so pleased because I exceed what I think I'm going to accomplish. That happens every week! It's amazing what you can do if you just make an attempt. I think one of the things that blesses me the most about Crossfit, and I've said it before, but it's the camaraderie. When I think I'm ready to give up on my WOD, someone cheers me on-"You're doing great Stella" even while they're sweating through their work out too. God has been using multiple people to help encourage me and I'm so thankful for it. I could go on for days about this, but I'll spare you.
In other news, it's time that I buy some new work out clothes because mine are falling off of me. Who would have thought you could lose weight in your feet too? Guess this girl is going to have to invest in some work out gear! I did go Friday to Goodwill (my favorite place to shop because I love recycling clothing) and bought a few new dresses since I cannot really fit into my old clothes and well, it was a great experience. I would look and something and assume it wouldn't fit me and when I tried it on, it would be too big. This is very new to me because I've never lost weight like this and went down in sizes, I was always ballooning up.
My eating has been pretty clean. I don't eat overly processed foods, no fast food still (since January,) eating out is very rare (unless it's Jason's Deli), no grains aside from brown rice, just mostly meat and veggies for this girl and it seems to be working out great.
Here's to another month of extensive Crossfit in the box and then I'm going out on the road to hit up Vans Warped Tour this summer. I'll be gone from June 14-August 6 and I'm going to WOD as many times a week as I can, but I'm definitely going to need the accountability, so hold me to it friends!
By the way, I now weigh 267. That number is still so high, but I cannot focus solely on that because I'm losing inches, gaining strength, and muscle! But hooray for being in the 60's!

Week 1 is on the left and week 9 is on the right.

Saturday (After week 10) I got dressed up and went to a friends graduation party. Had to snap a photo because I couldn't believe I could wear this little black dress (that I bought over a year ago, but wasn't flattering on me) and it looked fine!

On the left is from last summer at Cornerstone, and on the right is me last week. It's amazing the difference I see in my face. 
So much for having soft girly hands. This is from hanging on the bar while doing knee to chest. 


  1. Dude. This is friggin amazing. To put yourself out there and show the world your working at a goal. Although I think your awesome either way this still takes some guts!!! Keep it going you look awesome! Super proud of you!!!

  2. I'm with Brian up there. Pretty cool! Keep it up, Stella. You're doing great ^_^

  3. STELLLA! OMG GIRL! Look at you go! I'm so proud of you! Thank you so much for keeping up with your progress for us to see! It's so motivational! Love you!